Spiral Gear

spiral gear is the abbreviation of “helical cylindrical gear”

What is spiral gear?

Spiral gear is the abbreviation of “helical cylindrical gear”, that is, the cylindrical gear whose tooth line is cylindrical helix, which is used to transmit the motion between shafts that are neither intersecting nor parallel. From the point of view of single gear, it is the same as the helical gear used to transmit the motion between parallel shafts, except that the helical angle of the latter is smaller (generally 7-15 degrees), and the helical angle of the meshing gears is the same and the direction of rotation is opposite, but the former has no such limitation.

spiral gear

Helical teeth

Spiral bevel gears are gears with helical teeth. These gears are used in the vehicle’s differential, where the direction of the driver must be 90 degrees from the drive shaft to drive the wheels. Compared with the traditional spur gear, the helical gear design can reduce the vibration and noise.


Since spiral bevel gears are ground and manufactured in pairs, it is recommended to replace them in pairs, that is, when the left gear and the right gear are damaged, the left gear and the right gear should be replaced at the same time.

Right gear

The right gear is a gear in which the outer half of the tooth is inclined from the axial plane from the midpoint of the gear tooth in a clockwise direction. This is based on the observation of the person observing the surface of the gear.


The structure of spiral gear tooth surface is complex, and the control of its machining accuracy and meshing quality has always been a difficult problem in gear manufacturing technology. Helical gear is one of the main parts of mechanical transmission system. Its tooth surface accuracy and meshing quality are the key to ensure the comprehensive performance of mechanical products, such as efficiency, noise, transmission accuracy and service life.

Bevel Gear

Any other requirement Where two axles cross at point and engage by means of a pair of conical gears, the gears themselves are referred to as bevel gears.

Spiral Gear

Processing of gear and shaft: Forging, Lathing, Hobbing, Milling, Cutting, Shaping, Shaving, Grinding, Heat treatment, Teeth Grinding, Inspection.

Spiral bevel gear

The teeth of a spiral bevel gear have a helical profile, so that they gradually come into contact during mating. Therefore, it provides smooth, vibration-free and quiet operation.


It can be changed by spiral rotation, with fast wear, point contact and small axial force.


Small axial force


point contact


Wear fast

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practical application

“Helical cylindrical gear is a kind of helical gear, only when two shafts are parallel, it is called helical gear. Helical gear is widely used, especially helical gear, which can transmit more power.”

“When driving, the number of contact teeth is more, the transmission is uniform and the noise is less. It can be used when two axes are parallel to each other or at any angle without intersecting.”

“In modern high-speed transmission, helical gears are used in the transmission with large impact force and high horsepower, such as the direct transmission of motor.”

Gear hob

Gear hob is a spiral gear with large helix angle, 1-3 teeth in general, long teeth and many turns around the indexing cylinder of hob. When machining the helical gear, with the hob feeding along the axial direction of the workpiece, the workpiece should be attached with a rotation speed matching with the helical angle of the helical gear.

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