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High-precision straight edge bevel gear (international level 5) professional equipment production

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 Spiral bevel gearThe influence of tooth surface contact area on gear transmission

  Double arcSpiral bevel gearIt is a gear form that applies the double circular arc tooth profile to the spiral bevel gear transmission. It has the characteristics of high load capacity, long service life, large overlap, high contact strength and bending strength, but due to the complex tooth surface geometry, it is There are relatively few analysis and researches on the contact area that affects its transmission performance, and its related characteristics are not well mastered, which limits its promotion and application.

  The position, size, and shape of the contact area of ​​the gear tooth surface in the gear transmission process affect the quality, efficiency, dynamic performance, and load capacity of the gear transmission. Therefore, effective analysis and correction of the contact area can ensure the reliability and stability of the gear transmission Sex.

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