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As an important transmission component of the automobile, the automobile drive axle has a great influence on the carrying capacity and comfort of the vehicle. Among them, the active and passive bevel gears are important parts of the drive axle.traditionalSpiral bevel gear processingThe process is blank making-soft tooth surface cutting (dry cutting or wet cutting)-heat treatment-grinding or grinding after heat.

In the conventional machining process, after correcting the tooth surface contact area before heating, due to material or other reasons, the existence of heat treatment deformation causes great changes in the shape and position of the tooth surface contact area after heat treatment.For this reason, it is an indispensable process to modify the contact area of ​​the tooth surface after heating. At present, the most common domestic application is the tooth grinding or grinding process.

The development of the gear grinding process requires the introduction of a spiral gear grinding machine at a huge expense. Compared with the spiral gear milling machine, the spiral gear grinding machine has a complicated process and cumbersome adjustment of the machine tool. The grinding wheel must be revised frequently.And because of the existence of cutting fluid during the grinding process, it will inevitably have an impact on the environment.The development of the gear grinding process also requires the introduction of gear grinding equipment, and the adjustment of the machine tool is more complicated. Because the gear grinding process cannot correct the large deformed tooth surface contact area, only a small part of it can be corrected.Therefore, the geometric accuracy of the gear pair after grinding is not much improved.

Based on the above reasons, the need for more economical, environmentally-friendly and effective thermal post-processing technology has become an inevitable choice.With the advancement of tool material technology and hardened cutting technology, the processing of hardened workpieces has been widely promoted and applied.For this reason, decided to trySpiral bevel gearOn the gear milling machine, a new type of cutting tool is used to conduct a hard cutting test.

1. Feasibility analysis of hot hard cutting application

This process test decided to use PCBN composite welding tool for test. PCBN, or Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride, is a new tool material synthesized by artificial methods whose hardness is second only to natural diamond. It is currently a suitable tool material for high-speed cutting of iron-based metals.

According to relevant information, when processing hardened steel with PCBN tools, the quenching hardness of the workpiece is required to be higher than 60~65HRC. When processing hard cast iron, as long as the hardness reaches the medium hardness level (45HRC), good processing results will be achieved.At present, CBN inserts are used for finishing the inner hole of the passive bevel gears in the company after heating, the cutting allowance is 0.3mm, and the use effect is good.At present, the hardness range of our company's internal bevel gear pair after heat treatment is 58~62HRC, which fully meets the use conditions of this type of tool, and it is completely feasible to conduct process tests on it.

The manufacture of PCBN tools is mainly made by CBN powder and bonding agent through ultra-high pressure and high temperature sintering. The general steps are: mixed powder-compression molding / assembly with cemented carbide bottom layer to form a whole-ultra high pressure and high temperature sintering-deep processing.In CBN polycrystal, it can also be directly sintered without a binder to form polycrystalline cubic boron nitride. CBN undergoes a process of recrystallization and grain growth during sintering, and the grains of the sintered CBN polycrystal are no longer the original CBN single crystal grains.This PCBN tool has good wear resistance and long life, but it is brittle and has harsh temperature conditions, making it difficult to make high-toughness and large-size blades.Therefore, a welded structure was used in this test, and the cutter teeth were made into a three-part structure.

This process test was carried out with AC16 passive bevel gears and a 12-inch milling cutter head. The parameters of the cutter teeth are mainly used for reference at present.The cutter tooth is composed of three parts: high-speed steel cutter matrix, hard alloy matrix, PCBN cutting edge.The parts are welded and formed.

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