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Complete specifications of special arc bevel gears for high-speed wire rod mills

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Because the teeth of the bevel gear are distributed on the conical surface, the tooth profile gradually shrinks from the large end to the small end, and the tooth thickness and tooth height gradually change along the direction of the cone element line, so the modulus and diameter also change. .In order to facilitate the design and manufacture, it is stipulated that the large end shall prevail. The tooth tip height ha, tooth root height hf, index circle diameter d, tooth tip circle diameter da and tooth root circle diameter df (not marked in the figure) are all at the large end. Measurement; and take the large-end modulus as the standard modulus (GB/T12368-1990), and use it as the basic parameter for calculating the size of each part of the bevel gear.The element line of the big end back cone is perpendicular to the element line of the indexing cone.The angle δ between the axis of the bevel gear and the element line of the indexing cone is called the indexing cone angle, which is another basic parameter of the bevel gear.

Spiral bevel gears are widely used in mechanical transmission fields such as automobiles, aviation, and mining due to their advantages of large overlap coefficient, strong carrying capacity, high transmission ratio, stable transmission, and low noise.There are two types of spiral bevel gears, one isSpiral bevel gear, The axis of the big wheel and the axis of the small wheel intersect; one is a hypoid spiral bevel gear, and the axis of the big wheel and the axis of the small wheel have a certain offset distance.At present, the company producing spiral bevel gears is mainly Gleason Company of the United States and Oerlikon Company of Switzerland.The spiral bevel gear made by Gleason gear is widely used in my country.Because of its meshing principle and its complexity, my country organized a large number of manpower and material resources to carry out related research on spiral bevel gears from the XNUMXs. The leading scholars in this field include Zeng Tao, Tang Jinyuan, Fang Zongde, Wu Xutang, Wang Xiaochun, etc. .

Among bevel gears, there are spur gears and curve gears according to the length of the teeth.The intersection of the tooth length profile and the pitch cone is a straight bevel gear. If it is a curve, it is collectively called a curve gear.At present, spiral bevel gears should be synonymous with curved bevel gears.According to different curves, there are currently three types of spiral bevel gears, which belong to different companies.Hypoid gear (including roundSpiral bevel gear), the extended outer cycloid gear of Swiss Oerlikon Company and the quasi-involute gear of Klingenberger, Germany.

To put it simply, Japanese and American cars are equipped with Gleason gears such as BUICK and TOYOTA.European cars such as BENZ, BMW and AUDI use Oerlikon gears.

Spiral bevel gear is a transmission part that can be transmitted smoothly and with low noise according to a stable transmission ratio. It has different names in different regions. It is also called spiral bevel gear, spiral bevel gear, spiral bevel gear, and arc bevel gear. ,Spiral bevel gearWait.Spiral bevel gears have high transmission efficiency, stable transmission ratio, large arc overlap coefficient, high carrying capacity, smooth transmission, reliable operation, compact structure, energy saving and material saving, space saving, wear resistance, long life and low noise.Among various mechanical transmissions, the transmission efficiency of spiral bevel gears is higher, which has great economic benefits for various transmissions, especially high-power transmissions. The transmission parts required to transmit the same torque are less space-saving than belts. The space required for chain drive is small; the transmission ratio of spiral bevel gears is the most stable, and stable transmission ratio is often the basic requirement for transmission performance in the transmission of various mechanical equipment; spiral bevel gears work reliably and have a long life. .

Several gear systems, characteristics, and application fields of bevel gears (partly taken from the "Gear Manual").

Bevel gears and hypoid gears are gear transmission types with intersecting shafts and cross shafts, respectively.However, there are various classifications according to the characteristics of the tooth length curve, tooth height form, and processing method.Since the tooth length curve is of great importance to the transmission performance, and a specific processing method is required, it is generally classified according to the tooth length curve.

Straight bevel gear: the long direction of the teeth is a straight line, and its extension line intersects the apex of the sub-cone and shrinks the teeth; it can be processed by a gear shaper, circular drawing method, or precision forging. It is generally used in low speed and light load conditions. It can also be used for low speed and heavy load;

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