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High efficiency special arc bevel gear for high speed motor car gearbox

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Spiral bevel gear processing principleConcise handout Spiral bevel gearAnd the basic concept of spiral bevel gear meshing Spiral bevel gear processingThe development process of methods and equipment The processing principle of spiral bevel gears is described in detail. The difference between coordinate axis spiral bevel gear processing machine tools and traditional processing machine tools. Small module spiral bevel gear design and geometric calculation Small module spiral bevel gear adjustment calculation Small modulus spiral bevel gear processing and adjustment principle of the contact area. Spiral bevel gear inspection and various reasons related to the accuracy. The basic concept of spiral bevel gear and spiral bevel gear meshing has many types of gears.From the tooth profile, there are involute gears, arc gears and other curved gears.From the teeth to the top, there are spur gears, helical gears and arc tooth gears.There is also a special kind of gear that we will introduce to the spiral bevel gear below.There are two main types of spiral bevel gears that we can come into contact with. One is arc-tooth bevel gears (also called shrink-tooth bevel gears), and the other is extended outer cycloid bevel gears (also called contour-tooth bevel gears).Below we mainly discuss the spiral bevel gear.First of all, we introduce 3 terms: Modulus Modulus is a basic parameter of gears. Generally speaking, the larger the modulus, the greater the pitch of the gear, and the size of the teeth and parts of the gear will increase accordingly.When the number of teeth of a gear is Z, the diameter of the index circle is D, and the pitch on the index circle is P, the circumference of the index circle should be: ΠD=PZ.Then the index circle diameter of the gear is: D=PZ/Π The above formula contains the irrational number Π. For the convenience of design and manufacture, we specify M=P/Π, and call M as the modulus.The arc-tooth bevel gear uses the big end module as the nominal module of the gear.The angle between the tangent of any point on the pitch line of the spiral angle arc tooth bevel gear tooth surface and the vector radius of the point is called the helix angle of the point.
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